Can''t register phone device

Discussion created by poymeaw on Nov 17, 2005
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2005 by tinia

I want to implement soft phone that build-in jabber client(I used buddyspace for client). I chose jive messenger for server and Asterisk for PBX server.So I follow these step:


I''ve installed jive messenger server(version 2.2.2) and Asterisk PBX server(Asterisk-win32 version 0.5.2). Then I''ve copied asterisk-im JAR file to plugins folder of jive messenger server.


But when I start jive''s admin console, in the asterisk-im console, It had only General setting console(it didn''t have phone mapping console). So I can''t add user/asterisk phone mapping.


What wrong about my installing step.

Please help.