Only called party appears to be busy while calling party remains available

Discussion created by MuppetMaster on Oct 12, 2005
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2005 by madolfsson

I have installed:


- Jive Messenger v2.2.2

- Asterisk IM Plugin v1-beta3

- Asterisk v1.2-beta (already running for a while)


I have configured the Asterisk IM Plugin to connect to my Asterisk server successfully.  I have configured my phone details as follows:


- uname1       SIP/3002       3002       Uname1 <3002>
- uname2 SIP/3001 3001 Uname2 <3001>


When I dial from 3001 to 3002 only 3002 appears in a call/busy when 3002 answers.  If I call from 3002 to 3001 the opposite is true, as 3001 (the called party) appears in a call/busy.


Any ideas on what the problem is and how I may resolve?