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Trillians Asterisk-IM support?

Discussion created by Guus der Kinderen Champion on Oct 4, 2005
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Matt posted this announcement:

The Jabber plugin for Trillian now has built-in support

for Asterisk-IM! Features include incoming call

notification and the ability to dial by JID or to enter

in any phone number to dial.


In the url= section[/url] of the Asterisk-IM project, this has been added:


Trillian (version or later)


I''ve been trying to get this to work, but I''m not getting anywhere. Has anyone got this to work?


I''ve downloaded the latests Trillian Pro (15 days trial-version), that reports back as version 3.1 Pro build 121 (how does that compare to I''ve installed it and installed the jabber plugin for it.


Now, I''m happily IM-ming with a co-worker over our JiveMessenger server (with Asterisk Plugin that seems to communicate with our switch ok), but I''m unable to find any callout/voip related options in Trillian (apart from microphone settings and an empty audio tab).


What am I missing here?



On a sidenote: It takes quite long for JiveMessenger to notice whenever I go offline in Trillian. I suspect that to be a bug in Trillians Jabber plugin (not notifying a jabber server of a sign-off). Has anyone had similar experiences?


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