#14 Wrapping up and bug fixing

Blog Post created by Alameyo on Aug 18, 2017



This week apart from finishing last week things with mutual authentication I didn't done much new things. Instead I am focusing on fixing bugs in code made up to this point. One thing is creating KeyStores at Spark launch. While managing it's content work's Spark currently doesn't create KeyStores at the start up so user have to manually put them in security folder. Now it will not be a problem anymore but Spark lack a default certificates so I am still working on use of Java's cacerts content in Spark. That add a bit more complexity to existing Spark's KeyStore Management system as I want to use cacerts file only to read it's certificates, not to modify it's content (other applications can use it as well). I already use 4 KeyStores which are treated with different rules. Example problem is adding certificate to the exceptions list which usually mean adding certificate to the exceptions KeyStore and removing it from previous KeyStore. Not removing it would mean that there would be now 2 copies of the certificate in certificate table. There are some ideas how to work on that but as you can see things starting here to be complicate which might result in not so good looking code.


See you next week,