#5 Certificates extensions

Blog Post created by Alameyo on Jun 16, 2017


How was going this week? Well, it took a bit longer to merge code from last PR into Spark's base code, but now there are also buttons for showing certificates (earlier it was shown only after double click on table) and button to upload certificate. Other thing that occurs more complicated that I initially thought, is extracting certificates extensions. Java's X509Certificate class provide methods that return extensions OID (object identifier) for critical and noncritical extensions. It provides also method getExtensionValue( OID ) which returns extensions but encoded. Using some of the Bouncy Castle classes I am able to decode some of this values but they have different structures to which I have to adjust extracted values and map the names of the elements in the structure. Unfortunately some of the values are still enigmatic for me or I can't decode them well yet. On the other hand when I will solve this problems similar work can be done for Openfire to show certificates extensions also there.


See you next week,