#4 New dialog for single certificate

Blog Post created by Alameyo on Jun 9, 2017


This week I have made another panel for certificates. The one that I did last week was listing all certificates in truststore and the new one shows details about selected certificate. This details include all fields basic fields of certificate such as issuers, signature, or public key value and others. The one thing I still have to add are certificate's extensions. Number of them can be various so number of text fields and labels that have to be added can also vary. Even some standard certificate's attributes, such as value of public key, can take much space on the screen and this have to be somehow accommodated. That means new single certificate panel have to be scrollable to allow see all cert's basic attributes and extensions.

Effect is visible on this screenshots:


It's not perfect yet, for example "Valid" column shows for each row false value because it's not checking validity isn't yet implemented. Second panel also might need some additional indicators of certificate validity expiration. That goes for next week and also another issues as adding certificates extensions. One of my bigger concerns for now is way of storing list of exemptions but I have nice suggestion from my mentor which I might try.


See you next week,