#3 Start of coding and labs on water.

Blog Post created by Alameyo on Jun 2, 2017

Ahoy ,

Part of the GSoC is time managing and this week I had 2 days laboratories outside of the city, on the lake with Department of Marine Electronics Systems. Just at the start of the first week of coding . As I was unaware of my programming capabilities there I started a bit earlier delivering first chunk of code on Tuesday evening .


It include part of the graphic interface listing certificates in table and some of the classes supporting that. Such "support" classes are model class for certificates which will contain all certificate fields and controller class which help in suiting certificates to table and in the future will serve for extracting content of the truststores. Generally that wasn't hard but once I stupidly stuck siting to about 2.00 AM wondering how to display checkbox in the table. To my defense, in the morning next day I figured it in less than 5 minutes so maybe I just didn't slept enough .


As I mentioned in the beginning I had laboratories on the lake where I and my student group were driving the boat across lake and working with different echolocation equipment as radars, sonars, ultrasonic wave speed meters, echo sounding sonar and radar guns. Some of the experiments and measurements were conducted on the boat while others in the laboratory building on the pier. Summarizing that was pretty cool, not standard lab. I will throw here picture of the boat as I don't think I will have opportunity to add any picture soon (but you can see code on the Spark's github).

C538OgT.jpgSo what are task for next week?

I have half finished panel listing certificates but I still need to extract data of the certificates into that panel. Also I want to add additional dialog that would show all fields of the particular certificate.


See you next week,