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I have followed the instructions at   This went fine except that I could not do Create Project Builder On the Advanced Options window select Add Folders and click OK. On the Folder Selection window select openfire::src::i18n folder and click OK. Click on the Advanced... and Add

Paul Storic
So we have a simple setup, using the embedded DB with about 15 users. I stopped the service on the old server and installed Openfire on the new server. I copied the Embedded DB folder and ran openfire on the new server but it wants me to go through the setup but at the last step it crashes. I cannot login with a client even after I change the
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Hi,   is anyone can tell me how to create connection with server to server. actually my requirement is: my website is on different server( and openfire is on different server( i m creating user on my website ( and also want this user also created on openfire