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Open Fire Memory - Cant set openfire-service.vmoptions over 1536m

Question asked by Nick on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by Nick

So Openfire seems to be eating like 99.4% of its memory allocation.


We are running openfire on a server '03 64bit machine that has 16gigs of ram. 64 bit version of Java.


we have the openfire-service.vmoptions file set with values






I can't get past this value. I've tried setting them to 2048 etc and the service just will not start.


I've gone in and set the Java memory parameter itself to 3gigs to give some over head and tried adjusting the options file again to no avail.



Any ideas? I was under the impression that with a 64 bit OS and JRE i could give it as much memory as i want?