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2.7.1 Client Version Deployment on Openfire 3.9.3

Question asked by VIPER on Jul 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2015 by wroot

Started reviewing the upgrade to 3.10.2 of Openfire today and found that it is recommended to upgrade clients to the new spark 2.7.1 prior to server upgrade otherwise clients may not be able to communicate with the server.  To accomplish this, I am trying to load the client version into openfire for deployment to clients.


But when I test logging into spark on a system with spark 2.6.3 it is not prompting for the available update.  Additionally, when I manually install 2.7.1 and logon, it is not showing up as 2.7.1 under my sessions tab instead still listing as 2.6.3.


Is there something that I am missing? 

Does Openfire 3.9.3 recognize the 2.7.1 release info when deploying to clients?

Will I have to push the client update a different way than the openfire client version check?

I have approx 250 users for spark so I would prefer limiting the amount of extra work on my part for deployment.


Any and all input would be greatly appreciated!