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Openfire 3.9.3 + Jitsi - Trying to get this to work to replace MS LYNC

Question asked by Joseph Keegan on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by Cassio Simoes



I have a working Openfire 3.9.3 server on Windows 2008 R2, and I'm trying to get the equivalent features of MICROSOFT LYNC far, the only thing missing is decent desktop sharing.


I have gotten Redfire to work, and I think it is not that great ... the sharing works so-so and the update speed is not that great.  Definitely LYNC still winning.


I am trying to get JITSI / OFMEET to work instead and use the desktop sharing from that service, and I'm also excited to take advantage of multi-participant VideoConferencing.  So far I have the following:


- I've installed REDFIRE and gotten the plugin working.

- I've installed the RED5 standalone media server (same windows server) outside of the redfire, and I've seen how that works...I've been able to connect to it

- I've installed JITSI and started the process running (same windows server) and I've configured things according to what I've seen in many of the HOW-TO's:

     Openfire --> Server --> Server settings --> external components --> Service Enabled:  enabled.  Port:  5275 with password (that I specified in the JVB.BAT startup for Jitsi) 

                                                                                                            --> Allowed to connect:  Anyone

      Openfire --> Server --> Server settings --> HTTP Bind Settings --> HTTP Binding:  Enabled, port 7070, SSL port 7443

                                                                                                           --> Script Syntax:  Enabled

                                                                                                           --> Provides support for CORS:  Enabled, domain:  *

                                                                                                           --> Provides support for XFF headers:  Enabled, no details in available fields.


This is all the installation of the JITSI server process, running outside of Openfire.


I've also obtained the JITSI.JAR plugin, and installed and run THAT, and after I did this, the JITSI tab shows up, and configured options have a low port of 50000 and high port of 60000, but no other options.  This is also how the JITSI process is configured to run (the process that runs with jvb.bat).


Even after all this, I am not sure how to get JITSI to work.  There is no JITSI start page, I cannot go to "http://openfireserver:7070/jitsi", and I don't see any documentation on how to complete this.  Open fire, despite this, is working fine except for desktop sharing, and this is really my main goal.


Can anyone guide me in a direction?  I'm trying to get this to be the default defacto IM standard, but without desktop sharing, I think Lync gets it and it's burning me up.


Help is greatly appreciated!