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want to use openfire as a webbased IM, video and VoIP client but what to use?

Question asked by offerlam on Nov 25, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2013 by offerlam

Hi all,




Ok so im using zimbra mail system which use primarily webbased. I found that i could install a zimlet in zimbra that let me make a tap in the gui that could point to a webpage.. so i figured i would try and integrate a webbased chat, video and VoIP into zimbra that way .. in other words trying to centralize the different features my users will ned into on webpage..




well first i figured i would use sparkweb for this but im seriously struggling with getting it to work over SSL... today i saw a new post here about another plugin one could use to get chat, video and VoIP over web.. it was called chat or im something... i will get back to you on this.. also it looks like webrtc does the same???..


anyways im confused as if im going the right way by using sparkweb and therefore my questions is


what would you recommend to use as a IM, Video and VoIP that is webbased? I would like something thats easy and simple to setup and which doesn't need much from the user perspective..