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Cluster nodes can't see each other

Question asked by smolnij on Dec 11, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2012 by Danman56

Hello guys


I've set up two nodes on different linux machines, and they see each other, and could access 8088 port of each other.

I've managed to find the coherence 3.3.0, I've also managed to hadle "Unable to access backing cache for Routing User Sessions" exception.

But I can't get the nodes to see each other. I've enabled clustering on both machines, but see the only node - itself - in nodes list.


I wasn't able to find the conditions under which it should work, so decided to ask.


Should the both nodes be in the same sub net?

Should be there opened some another ports except 8088?

Should be there the ICMP or another protocol opened?

What could be the reasons the nodes can't see each other?


I've also tried to use this configuration :


but no luck.

Could you please help me?