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CPU was at or near 100% (90+% was the openfire-service.exe)

Question asked by vaichalvivek on Jan 3, 2010
Latest reply on May 25, 2010 by vaichalvivek

We have been using Wildfire/Openfire with SPARK as the clients. We were on using 3.6.3 and we started facing problem of high CPU. CPU was at or near 100% (90+% was the openfire-service.exe). We tried by upgrading it 3.6.4 , for few days it worked but again we started facing the same  high CPU utilization problem. During this time new users are not allowed to login but there is no problem for the users who has already logged in. We need to restarts the service

We have installed it on the Windows 2003 Server VMWare image with 3 Gb RAM and VMOPTIONS configured.

IS there any way to avoid this high CPU utilization ?