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Need help with upgrading my jive to openfire

Question asked by Neshev on Mar 24, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2009 by LG

Hi all

     I really would appreciate some help here  I have a jive messenger 2.1.1 with embedded DB server, that I want to move to another server. I have already successfully migrated the jive messenger to the new server. Now i would want to upgrade the jive 2.1.1 to openfire 3.6.3 while I keep my database. I want the new database to be either embedded as it is now or if possible to export the old DB to an SQL DB and then tell the openfire that its database is located in this SQL. My problem is that I do not how to upgrade to neither openfire nor how to export my old embedded DB. Could you please advise me how to proceed with my task?


Thank you very much in advance,

Ivan Neshev.