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Auto populate user group in Spark/SparkWeb

Question asked by dzulhelmi on Mar 20, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2009 by STN1000

I dont know how to describe my question but i can describe what i want in my spark.

I just install Open Fire and Spark Web in my Ubuntu based server.


The sparkweb working just fine, just now i install Spark for Windows and it also working just fine.


However, there is one thing that i would like the spark web and spark show.

In my AD, the users are registered according to their department.

Since i am using LDAP authentication, i want the sparkweb and spark to populate the users based on their departmental group.

The default contact interface in spark and sparkweb is empty, user have to search or add the contacts manually.


Since i am using this for my company, how to make the sparkweb and spark show or auto populate the users (online and offline) based on their departmental groups in AD?