Openfire 3.6.0a has been released!

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Folk, as of now Openfire 3.6.0a is available.  All this release is is a ton of database upgrade fixes (and some LDAP fixes) from 3.6.0.  After upgrading to 3.6.0a, you will still see 3.6.0 in the admin console, so please don't be confused by that.  The packages themselves will have the version 3.6.0a in them.  Those of you who successfully upgraded to 3.6.0 already most likely do not need this release.  Those who had problems, this one's for you.  =)  For all practical purposes, I am replacing 3.6.0 with 3.6.0a.

Important!  Please Read!


A number of you upgraded and "part of the upgrade" completed before you had a failure, so I wanted to touch on those scenarios a bit so you have an idea of what to do.  First off, if you upgraded to 3.6.0, had it fail, and reverted back to a backup you made -including reverting the database-, you should be good to go and can just install this 3.6.0a package to upgrade what you have.  If you upgraded 3.6.0, had it fail, and then just reinstalled 3.5.2 with the existing database that 3.6.0 already touched, that is where you may have some problems.  I will go over each database individually, what probably happened, and what you can do about it.  By all means it would be better if you can downgrade to your database as it was when you were running 3.5.2 before upgrading to 3.6.0a though.  If you can do this you can skip all of this.



As far as I can tell, MySQL had no problems with the upgrade.  Most likely. if you had problems with 3.6.0 they were due to LDAP, and you should be good to go to upgrade to 3.6.0a to fix those issues.



Postgres did not appear to have any problems before.  If it did, it probably failed on update 17.  You can check your jiveVersion table to verify if that's the case.  (it will say "openfire" and "16")  If you don't have a jiveVersion table, well you probably have an ofVersion table and the update should have completed successfully.



There's a good chance part of update 17 occurred if you had tried Openfire 3.6.0.  An easy way to recover from this and let the updates run like they should is to, before starting up 3.6.0a, but after you install the package, go into your install root/resources/database/upgrade/17/openfire_oracle.sql and delete everything above:

-- update all entries in mucRoom to be set to the default conference service

And also the line:



SQL Server

The SQL server scripts had problems in version 18, which will automatically take care of itself when you upgrade to 3.6.0a.



As far as I can tell from the reports that came in, no one tried this.  This is good because it's upgrade was complex.  If you are having trouble with the DB2 upgrade, post a reply here and we'll work through it.



Embedded DB (HSQLDB)

Similar to the Oracle issues, you will need to, after upgrading the openfire package, edit resources/database/upgrade/17/openfire_hsqldb.sql and remove everything above:

// add new indexed column to mucRoom
CREATE INDEX mucRoom_serviceid_idx ON mucRoom(serviceID);


Ok, How Can I Get It?


You can read more about the highlights here.


The complete set of changes can be found at: http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/changelog.html

Download Openfire from: http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/index.jsp

Download Connection Manager from: http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/connection_manager.jsp



Many thanks to everyone who helped debug issues, provide patches, and generally work with me getting this cleaned up!