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Clearspace 2.5

Question asked by Coolcat Champion on Jul 24, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2008 by Coolcat

Some notes about Clearspace 2.5:

1. Is there a way to enable that old editor? I don't like WYSIWYG editors on web pages, because they are not working in most cases. An other point is that WYSIWYG is much slower to use. Some examples which don't work here:

  • How to insert source code? {code}-Tag does not longer work, and I don't find any button for that. 50% of my posts in this community do contain source code...
  • If I copy&paste text, e.g. from a online dictionary, it does create a link of it or does other stupid things like changing the font size.


2. Why we see now real names instead of the usernames? There are more oddities in the user profile, eg. in my profile I have fields like 500.5000.1, 500.5001.1 or 500.5011.1. What is this?


3. In the past it was possible to show only the recent content of some special sub-communities on the start page. Is it still possible to show only recent content of "Openfire Support", "Openfire Dev" and "Community Plugins" ?