Clustering Plugin ver 1.2.2 (Coherence replaced with Shoal)

Version 3


    To provide a complete open source clustering plugin for Openfire with no dependecies on Oracle Coherence or any other closed component



    The clustering plugin adds support for running multiple redundant Openfire servers together in a cluster. By running Openfire in a cluster, you can distribute the load amongst a number of servers, as well as having some form of redundency in the event that one of your servers dies.



    Copy clustering.war into the plugins directory of your Openfire installation. The plugin will then be automatically deployed.



    To enable clustering or monitor the cluster go to: Server --> Server Manager --> Clustering


    Shoal configuration paramters that can be changed from system properties are

    Parameter Default Value
    xmpp.server.clustering.loopback true
    xmpp.server.clustering.multicastport 2299 true
    xmpp.server.clustering.virtual.multicast.uri.list tcp://server_hostname:5200


    Shaol requires at least one node to be designated as the bootstrap node. The IP address or hostname of this node should be made available to all nodes with the xmpp.server.clustering.virtual.multicast.uri.list parameter. For this node, set to "true" and for all other nodes "false"



    Example, 2 nodes A ( and B ( A is to be the bootstrap node


    Parameter A B
    xmpp.server.clustering.loopback true true
    xmpp.server.clustering.multicastport 2299 2299 true false
    xmpp.server.clustering.virtual.multicast.uri.list tcp:// tcp://


    For more details see upport

    For latest version and source code go to