Difference between S2S v Clustering

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    This note attempts to decipher the subtle nuances between the purposes of an OPF Cluster versus two servers configured via Server to Server (S2S) communication. Obviously the clustering plugin is no longer supported or available, so no need to rekindle that discussion.  However there is reason to say there is motivation to build an open source version of the plugin, and this includes making this jabber server brand more attractive to potential users and developers. As far as I can tell, the following are the primary differences.



    * Allows different XMPP domains to communicate (can same domain communicate?)

    * Allows different Jabber servers (e.g. jabberd) to connect

    * Provides scaling and fail over



    * Same XMPP domain

    * Built for scaling and fail over

    * Fastpath (http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/ENT-206)


    S2S & Clustering :

    * Does this have any benefit to configuring both at the same time?


    If additional plugins are installed, e.g. Fastpath, IM gateway installed, how are they supposed to be managed under these two separate configuration scenarios?





    P.S. Constructive discussion welcome (:-).


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