nativeAuth with PAM guide - openfire 3.6.3

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    Disclaimer: This assumes you use the default install directories, this assumes you have general UNIX knowledge, this also assumes you are using version openfire 3.6.3. This guide may fail in the next release but hey I got you this far didn't I:)

    Getting Started

    1) In the admin interface after initial configuration
    Server -> Server Manager -> System Properties

    2) Set provider.auth.className to

    3) Set provider.user.className to

    4) Set nativeAuth.domain to

    5) Set admin.authorizedJIDs to

    WHERE localuser is a local user on the unix system you want to have admin access and WHERE the xmpp.domain variable is set in the system properties

    6) cp -Rp /opt/openfire/resources/nativeAuth/linux-i386/ /opt/openfire/lib

    7) mkdir shaj && cd shaj

    9) unzip

    10) mv shaj-0.5.jar /opt/openfire/lib

    11) cp -Rp /etc/pam.d/system-auth /etc/pam.d/openfire

    12) edit /etc/sysconfig/openfire and set

    13) Restart Openfire

    Some debug information
    edit  /opt/openfire/conf/openfire.xml
    to true

    restart openfire
    tail -f /opt/openfire/logs/{warn,error,debug}.log

    For Postgres debugging
    select * from public.ofproperty;

    update public.ofproperty set propvalue='user@xmpp.domain' where name='admin.authorizedJIDs';

    Restart openfire after you make any database changes!

    64-bit support - You will need pam-devel installed for this to work

    1) mkdir shaj-src && cd shaj-src
    3) unzip
    4) cd src/c/
    5) make
    6) cp /opt/openfire/lib



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