PAM how to guide

Version 1

    This is for debian install, but you can use for many installs.



    Install openfire and configure normally.


    in the OS...


    #useradd admin


    #passwd admin


    Put the same passwd that you put in Openfire admin web..


    cd /usr/share/openfire/lib (or you lib of openfire)




    cd /tmp

    wget openfire_3_6_3.tar.gz


    unzip a get the file openfire/resources/nativeAuth/linux-i386/


    copy to /usr/share/openfire/lib


    create the autentication for pam


    cat /etc/pam.d/openfire


    auth    required nullok_secure


    Modify openfire to use NativeAuth.


    in AdminWeb








    the last step. must modify the group of openfire user to use PAM auth with all users: if not use this only can use one user "openfire".. this is for authenticate all users.


    modify the group of the openfire user to shadow:


    usermod -g shadow openfire


    modify the "/etc/init.d/openfire" <- be sure that openfire start in the group shadow


    the lines..


    start() {
            start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --background --make-pidfile \
                    --pidfile /var/run/$ --chuid openfire:shadow \
                    --exec $JAVA -- $DAEMON_OPTS


    See, put the shadow group!!!!!!