Openfire Patches Waiting for Trunk

Version 38

    The following is a document to keep track of community submitted patches waiting for commit or rejection.


    Jira Link
    OF-290RFERegistrationPluginAllow JIDs to be added automatically to roster

    Add support for stream based language setting

    OF-138RFECoreAdd ESA support for MUCChange does not look complete/correct
    OF-209RFECoreCyrpt support to JDBCAuthProviderCommented in Jira issue
    OF-101Bugwebchatescape some JID references
    Bug?BOSHpossible Jetty Continuations Problem

    one must review this patch

    RFEGroupchatAdd access to join rooms for pluginsread and comment
    OF-355Bug?LDAPldap.authorizeField property is ignored in LdapAuthorizationPolicy review needed


    Feel free to add/correct as you see fit.   Will dig some in the forums to find patches as well.