Changing Toast Popup Display Time

Version 1

    This assumes that you have prior build knowledge or have followed the document: Customize Spark's Look and Feel


    Personally, I only changed the ones that had the 5000 ms value. I am not exactly sure what each file pertains to though, but I've deduced it to the best of my knowledge from the file name


    Open the following files and search for "toaster.setDisplayTime" in them and change the value to your timeout


    • /src/java/org/jivesoftware/spark/ui/ (1 instance)

    • /src/java/org/jivesoftware/sparkimpl/plugin/alerts/ (2 instances)

    • /src/java/org/jivesoftware/sparkimpl/plugin/scratchpad/ (1 instance)

    • /src/java/org/jivesoftware/sparkimpl/preference/notifications/NotificationPlugi (2 instances)

    • /src/plugins/sip/src/java/org/jivesoftware/sparkplugin/ui/call/ (1 instance)