Build a Branded/Skinned Version of Spark

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This document describes how you can build a branded/skinned version of Spark. The instructions assume that you have Apache Ant and install4j installed on your computer.


Original source: Re: Change Name ' Spark"??? - posted by Rob Alexander:


Below is what I recommend you change in the source code for your customized version of Spark. The source code repository for Spark is located at GitHub - igniterealtime/Spark: Cross-platform real-time collaboration client optimized for business and organizations.


When replacing Spark with your custom application name, only do so where it is a potentially user-facing label, not where it is anything Java-related. If your custom application name has more than one word (such as WGU Messenger), then for the value of things like installer.app_short_name, SHORT_NAME, and file names use hyphens instead of spaces (such as WGU-Messenger). Do not use underscores, since that will break Openfire's Spark updater service.


In the following files, find and replace "Spark" (case sensitive) with your custom application name:


  • build\build.xml
  • src\resources\i18n\ (for English)
  • src\java\org\jivesoftware\launcher\
  • src\java\org\jivesoftware\resource\ (also enter your server name for the value of HOST_NAME)
  • src\java\org\jivesoftware\resource\ (also replace "1.0" in "Version 1.0 Release" with the version of Spark you're building)
  • src\plugins\fastpath\src\resources\ (also replace "1.0" in "Version 1.0 Release" with the version of Spark you're building)



In the src\resources\images folder - replace the following files:


  • spark.gif

  • spark.ico

  • spark_100.jpg (100 x 100)

  • spark-16x16.png

  • spark-32x32.png

  • spark-60x60.png

  • spark-64x64.png

  • spark.png (244 x 188)

  • away.png (16 x 16)

  • DoNotDisturb.png (16 x 16)

  • message.icns





From a command line, run "ant release" in the build directory.



Run startup.bat from the target\build\bin directory to make sure your customized Spark is functional.




Run spark.install4j from the build\installer directory and make the following customizations to the project in install4j:

  • In "General Settings", go to the "Compiler Variables" tab to change the VERSION_REVISION to the correct number and find and replace "Spark" with your custom application name. Then go to the "Media File Options" tab to replace "spark" with $.

  • In "Launchers", rename the Spark launcher to $, then right-click that launcher and click "Edit Launcher". Then go to "Executable info" to replace "Spark" with $. Then go to "Windows version info" to replace "Spark" with $.

  • In "Installer", go to the "Actions" tab to set the Target file for the desktop link to $.

  • In "Media", right-click on the Windows media file and click "Edit Media File". Then go to "Installer options" to replace "Spark" with $. Then go to "Bundled JRE" to choose the JRE to bundle (make sure you choose Java 1.6 or above, or else Spark won't exit gracefully on Windows shut down).

  • In "Build", click on "Start Build"