Non-Jive Openfire Plugins

Version 25

    There's a lot of neat plugins that folk are working on here and there that integrate with Openfire. Here is a short list of all of the ones we've stumbled across. Let us know if you have others that you want listed! Note that some of these may just be getting off the ground so there may be nothing to actually download yet.


    Chat and Message Logging


    Filters and Blockers

    • FileTransferDisabler: Automatically rejects FileTransfer requests

    • File Transfer Disabler: This plugin is used to automatically reject all File-Transfer requests to OpenFire server

    • Raptor: Traffic controller, similar than PacketFilter, but better performance and much more features.






    Bots, Broadcasts, Various


    Without homepage or source code:



    • webMUC: A web based MUC, without XEP-0124 and without AJAX (LG working on it more or less).