Text to Link Conversion Macros Within Clearspace

Version 2

    This document should be moved into the Lounge but there I can not create documents.


    One of the developers did post this useful information in the jivesoftware.com forum:


    The following macros are available that do text to link conversion:

    Blog: {blog:id=1032}
    Blog post: {blogpost:id=1420}
    Space: {community:id=2007}
    Thread: {thread:id=1921}
    Message: {message:id=3311}
    Document: {document:id=2135}
    User profile: {user:id=1}
    User profile: {user:username=user}



    Also, you can make a link to a document that doesn't exist by using the link syntax:



    [Create Me]



    So if you insert " Server To Server HowTo's " it will look like this: Server To Server HowTo's


    More help about the wiki markup may be found in http://clearspace.jivesoftware.com/markuphelpfull.jspa, this link should be always available in the "Plain Text" editor.