• how do you sign out of spark 2.8.3, i dont see it in the menu for the user to sign out

    how do you sign out of spark 2.8.3, i dont see it in the menu for the user to sign out
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  • Spark 2.8.3 freezes when chat window is closed

    Spark 2.8.3 on windows 8.1 pro   I am having an issue with one of my users. Many times throughout the day when they close a chat windows Spark freezes up on them and they need to close the program from the task ...
    Brian Awsumb
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  • Unable to login to Spark remotely

    Hello I work for a help desk and we use Spark.  We work remotely over vpn and thin clients. We were hit with a hurricane and now myself and other agents are unable to login...all the agents who worked remotely ca...
    Wendell Washington
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  • Log On To -Active Directory Restriction keeps SPARK Users from Logging into App.

    Hello everyone-   Hopefully this isn't a repetitive Question as I was unable to find the Response. We have Discovered that if we set "Log On To" Restriction for a user in Active Directory, that they are no longe...
    Steven Conant
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  • Problem with Spark Login

    Hello,   could you please help me to solve this problem?   I use OpenFire on Windows 2008 R2 Eng x64. When the Spark client (Windows 7 CZ x86) logs on to OpenFire, is very often not are visible online users ...
    Martin Vondracek
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  • Notification Icon not working properly (away and available)

    The green and yellow icon are not working properly for our users. People will show up as away when they are actually at their desk. Currently we are running ,Spark 2.8.3, Build: 960. Any input will be appreciated....
    Jesus C
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  • Names not updating after user edits local roster.

    I have a couple of users that have renamed some of the users on their local roster. Now they do not update when I update the names from the Openfire admin console. I have tried to remove the name from the local roster...
    BFD IT
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  • Error when opening spark on linux.

    Installed spark rpm package on centos 6.9. Error thrown while opening the spark app, Please help me to resolve this issue.   [root@localhost bin]# ./startup.sh using classpath: /usr/share/spark/lib/jdom.jar:...
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  • Spark 2.8.2 (Build 943) doesn't save profile information

    After I enter anything, click "Save" and go back to "Edit my profile..." it is blank again.   Is it a bug or is there a solution to this problem?
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  • No me carga la lista de contactos

    Hola tengo un problema cuando abro el programa spark no le carga la lista de los contactos pero queda ejecutado y si le ingresan los mensajes de los otros usuarios, ya lo reinstale y le borre todo si alguien me puede ...
    Alejandro Moya
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    Buenos días   Mi pregunta es saber como poder envíar y recibir archivos desde una conferencia, hice pruebas con un chat de usuario a usuario, pero en un chat de conferencia no me aparece la opció...
    Anderson Padilla
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    As the title suggests when the 51st person tries to join a conference room they get an error.
    Tom ChavezCollins
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  • Spark will not open a window

    On Windows 7 Pro when I double-click the Spark icon in the system tray nothing happens. If I exit Spark then delete the profile and log back in, it works for awhile then it ceases to function again.
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  • Ultimate Emoticon Pack issue

    Hi All,   I'm having an issue with the attached emoticon pack. It adds correctly to spark but for some strange reason it removes the emoticon picker from the chat window? Once I change the pack to an original on...
    simon fleming
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  • How to prevent users from changing idleTime and idleOn

    Is there a way, either through modifying something in spark.jar or through compiling my own spark installer, to hide the idleTime and idleOn prefences or ignore the values set by users?   I would like idle to al...
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  • Silent Uninstall for Spark installs using install4j

    Hi All,   We''re looking to standardize our Spark platform.  I have no problem removing the spark installs that were generated using .msi''s, but can''t seem to find a silent uninstall feature for those spa...
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  • Spark Crashing Randomly

    I have a single user who is experiencing random crashes, solid black message window or only the title bar showing, and cannot find the problem. It seems to be caused by the client losing network connection for a split...
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  • Spark issue after Windows 7 update KB4034664

    After last Windows 7 update (KB4034664) in the multi monitor environment spark working only on the first screen. If spark moved to the another screen - stops redraw program window. If move back on the first screen - w...
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  • window doesn't load completely

    I have 1 user out of around 150 whose chat windows don't resolve. If you can find the cursor, then you can highlight the text and the text box will resolve enough to communicate. Windows 7 professional, dual monitors....
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  • Spark - display issue

    On 4 out of 80 machines running spark, we recently starting having issues with.  might have corresponded with some windows up date - can't say for sure but can't rule it out.  All computers in question are D...
    Brian Bechard
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