• Silent Uninstall for Spark installs using install4j

    Hi All,   We''re looking to standardize our Spark platform.  I have no problem removing the spark installs that were generated using .msi''s, but can''t seem to find a silent uninstall feature for those spa...
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  • Spark issue after Windows 7 update KB4034664

    After last Windows 7 update (KB4034664) in the multi monitor environment spark working only on the first screen. If spark moved to the another screen - stops redraw program window. If move back on the first screen - w...
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  • Buzz Feature in Spark

    The latest Spark betas have included a new "buzz" feature to get the attention of someone you are chatting with. People seem to react strongly to the feature and I wanted to see how people are feeling about it.  ...
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  • Spark -  No text visible in IM chat client

    In build 2.0.8 I was able to see chat from my contacts and other members located in the chat room. However, with this new version, 2.5.0 the chat once it has been entered by me is no longer visible. However, my contac...
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  • Spark for Linux (RPM): funny mistype leads to inability to start Spark

    OpenSuSE Timbleweed, Spark- Just after RPM installation it's not possible to start spark: /usr/bin/spark: line 3: -Dappdir=/usr/share/spark/: No such file or directory   The root cause is fu...
    created by Ivan
  • Spark 2.8.1 can't login with non-latin username

    Приветствую.Проблема со входом на 2.8.1 с учетной записью на кириллице.Не проверял еще на каком билде это появилось,так как у самого на латинице и все корректно обновлялось,а у юзеров с кириллицей только сейчас столкн...
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  • Disabling broadcast button

    Is there a way to disable the broadcast button in spark.   Would I have to recomplile the code or is there a way of placing a file in the install directory etc.   Cheers   Simon
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  • disabling broadcasts to groups

    does anyone know of a way to disable users abilities to send broadcast messages to groups they are members of?   a colleague and I are doing a test of a wildfire/spark implementation.  our test subjects ar...
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  • Disable Avatar

    Is there a way to disable users from using avatars.
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  • Single window feature in Spark

    Hello, First of all, many thanks for all the hard work in supporting the Spark client, I for one find it great and we succesfully deployed it in our working environment. Some users (me included) will be very happy i...
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  • status doesn't change back from "on the phone"

    Carry over discussion from previous thread https://community.igniterealtime.org/message/254750#comment-254750
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  • I get username/password login error on the latest Spark devs builds!!

    Hi guys,   I don't know if this is the place to submit this issue. I just want to report this problem!! I never had this issue until I start to install new dev builds after 2.7.7 Build 810 !! I've been using/te...
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  • OneNote links not working in

    Hello,     We used to link pages from our notes, and earlier it was okay, but from now on, it won't open the notebook anymore.   Here are some example:   - \\NAS02\Software - Simple folder link ...
    Igaz András
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  • New Spark installer for Mac OS X needs testing (LOCKED)

    Recently the installers producing system (Bamboo) has been fixed to produce Mac OS X installer again (dmg). So we need to test is it working on Mac OS X systems (different versions of it). Also there are a list of ope...
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  • 28 Steps to Single Sign On for Openfire XMPP Server on Windows Server 2012 R2 with Spark

    28 steps for configuring single sign on for Openfire 3.10.3 and Spark 2.7.3 with an Active Directory Domain Services domain with a functional level of Windows Server 2012 R2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwG5Uzf...
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  • Update smack version in Spark to current release

    Anyone willing to take this on?  I think it will help moving forward for uses wanting to build spark, as the smack lib it uses are not easily accessible.
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  • Spark connexion configuration with GPO

    Hello everyone,   I'm doing some tests with openfire server and Spark client, and now i search to deploy the spark solution with GPO.   I've already find the "-q" to have a silent install but, if it's poss...
    created by Falconsnak
  • Notifications Preferences Gone v2.7.3

    Noticed with 2.7.3 of spark that when using the option DISABLE_UPDATES = true in the default.properties file, it in turn blanks out the Notifications preferences after its compiled. On 2.7.2 it was fine. Verified by t...
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  • removing saved passwords

    I'm trying to remove the saved passwords from the spark.properties files on all of our systems.   Using version 2.7.3 build 715, I've been able to modify the default.properties file in the jar and set HIDE_SAVE_...
    Steve Randolph
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  • Request fix for "things that affect history" (transcripts)

    I've discovered things that "break" history when I was merging together separate files created when our Operations staff "kept changing server names".   Bottom line, it seems that "CDATA" will break the history ...
    Wayne Erfling
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