• OpenFire Single Server Load Testing 120,000 Concurrent Connections

    Update 12/18/2015 (This original test was for 80,000 users online concurrently. Update is now 120,000 but with no rosters.)   Openfire 3.10.3 (These servers are 6 years old) OpenFire Server specs: Windows 2012...
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  • Open Archive 1.0.0 for Openfire 3.3.2 released

    Open Archive is a XEP-0136 complient server side message archive for Openfire. It is available as a plugin from http://maven.reucon.com/public/com/reucon/openfire/plugins/archive/1.0.0/archive .jar   Currently ...
    Stefan Reuter
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  • usuario e snha padrão do openfire 4.1.3

    por favor estou com problemas para acessar o painel de administração do open fire 4.1.3, acabei de fazer a instalação dele equando estou configurando o setup dele vai tudo bem até defini...
    created by ericksem
  • HowTo Wildcard Certificate & OpenFire (Linux Version)

    So, you´ve got a wildcard Certificate and Openfire says "no way dude"? Here is my HowTo for it. I´ve got my *.domain.com certificate from commodo, so it is possible, that your certificates look a little ...
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  • Search Plugin localization file for Russian

    Please check attached file. Probably that will be interested for Russian-speaking people. Checked it: - works fine in Admin Console - works fine in Client (Pidgin and Spark)   Keys from this file might be use...
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  • [bug] ldap.authorizeField property is ignored in LdapAuthorizationPolicy

    Hi all I wish to report (what I think it is) a bug. in LdapAuthorizationPolicy, the "ldap.authorizeField" is ignored. In fact it is got from LDAP but not used to gather the logins that may authorized a selected user...
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  • Openfire websocket plugin - returning HTP status code 302

    I thought I'd give the websocket plugin a go. The good news is that it's pretty trivial to install - no configuration required!   One thing I thought I'd highlight though - I spent ages wondering why I was seein...
    Greg Thomas
    created by Greg Thomas
  • REST API Plugin: MUC affiliation update kicks all users

    Hi there,   I'm using the REST API Plugin to configure "team-internal" MUCs that are set to members-only. When a new user should be added to the channel, I send an update request to the REST API. The problem is ...
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  • REST API Plugin: NullPointerException when setting MUC group affiliations

    When I add "mygroup" as admin to "myroom" in the Openfire Admin console and then execute a GET for http://[server:port]/plugins/restapi/v1/chatrooms/myroom/, I get the expected result:   <chatRoom>  &#...
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  • MUC affiliation changes not broadcasted to clients

    When a user's affiliation changes in a MUC room (e.g. from none to moderator) and that user is currently in the room, its affiliation change is not being broadcasted to the room occupants. While the new affiliation is...
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  • Migrate to PostgreSQL

    I just wanted to share my experiences in migrating from embedded-db to PostgreSQL. I use Openfire 3.9.10, on Debian 9 (kernel 3.16, OpenJDK 1.17, PostgreSQL 9.4).   First, an amendment: The "migration" was more ...
    Adrian Segovia
    created by Adrian Segovia
  • S2S Configuration

    I am unable to get S2S working using Openfire. My configuration is as follows   2 Openfire Servers with the following Server-&gt;Server Settings-&gt;Server to Server Settings        ...
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  • conflicts in MUC members only room

    If a user is member of the room but isn't present in it, and an occupant re-invite him, there is a conflict error. IMHO ,this is not the intended behaviour as using disco to find the original room is not really intuit...
    Junius Rendel
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  • LDAP Base DN lost on every edit

    Openfire 4.0.0 (but also happened before) always adds quotes to the names in our LDAP Base DN.   Example DN we enter:      ou=Container,dc=thing,dc=example,dc=at Example output:  ...
    created by chris
  • lost messages when network is disconnected

      Hello all,     If our users lose their network connection for some reason they don't receive any messages until they come back online.     For example :     user A and user B...
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  • Openfire consultant

    Hello, I'm an openfire consultant. I'm looking for freelance and jobs around Openfire. Including: installation and configuration. Using external databases Installing SSL Other configuration and development. Email me d...
    Ben Jazia
    created by Ben Jazia
  • LDAP SSL issues in Openfire 3.10.2

    After upgrade from 3.9.3 to 3.10.2 AD users can't login with Spark 2.7.1 build 686, Spark says "Invalid username or password". At the same time admin console login is successful. In debug log and error log nothing i...
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  • Internal server error from presence messages

    After some time  (minutes to hours) the java process is using 1 of 2 cpu's completely, then 2 of 2 and stops servicing. About this time I get in the error log (openfire_2015-03-23.deb):   2015.03.24 17:33:3...
    H. Hampel
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  • Контакт лист не загружается с вложенными группами

    Добрый день! Используем сервер openfire 3.9.1 + клиент Spark 2.7.3, группы и пользователи локальные Было решено добавить вложенные группы в контакт листе. Вложенные группы добавляем через двойное двоеточие "::" В ...
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  • bug in OpenFire SASL handling

    (Apologies if this isn't an appropriate place to post this; hopefully it will help people debug this problem that I've been troubleshooting for the last few days.)     In src/java/org/jivesoftware/openfire/...
    Jorj Bauer
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