• Guide / Tutorial / Writeup / Walkthrough / How to: Setting up Openfire 3.10.2 with a PostgreSQL DB, Active Directory / LDAP integration, and a Wildcard SSL Certificate

    2017-09-04 Update: Openfire is now at version 4.1.5, but I think that most, if not all, of this guide is still relevant.  Obviously, I cannot guarantee that until I actually do a fresh 4.1.5 (or higher) install o...
    Daniel Castellanos
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  • Guide / Tutorial / Writeup / Walkthrough / How to: Upgrade Openfire 3.10.2 to 4.1.5, upgrade PostgreSQL 9.3 to 9.5, Upgrade Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS to 16.04.3 LTS

    Building off of this document: Guide / Tutorial / Writeup / Walkthrough / How to: Setting up Openfire 3.10.2 with a PostgreSQL DB, Active Directory / LDAP integration, and a Wildcard SSL Certificate   I have jus...
    Daniel Castellanos
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  • Easiest way for Openfire + BOSH + Converse.js

    Quick notes: In order to enable BOSH to be able to use converse.js, you need Openfire and another server to handle port 80 requests. BOSH enables Converse to use http to translate the XMPP (not XAMPP) data between th...
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  • Installing Openfire (4.2.0-alpha) and OFMeet (0.9.1)

    This video is a recording of me, creating a new Amazon EC2 image, on which I install Openfire and OFMeet. In a few simple steps, this results in your private web conference service!   Please note that for the sa...
    Guus der Kinderen
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  • How to load test Openfire with Clustering?

    Once you have installed Openfire Enterprise 3.4.0 and clustering is enabled you are ready to load test the server. Load testing a server means that we are going to simulate thousands of users connecting to the server ...
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  • Openfire Setup Guides

    This document will provide links to various setup guides for Openfire/Spark (you can add more). Very Basic Openfire + Spark Guide [EN] – /w/root WikiSuite | How to install Openfire Meetings on ClearOS   ...
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  • How to Setup  SSO on Windows Server 2008r2/2012r2 with a Domain level of 2008r2/2012r2

    How to Setup Openfire SSO on Windows Server 2008r2/2012r2 with a Domain level  of 2008r2/2012r2     1. Verified DNS - Must have PTR record for openfire server or SSO will not work.   2. Create a us...
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  • How to configure Openfire's caches

    Openfire uses caches to improve performance. Caches can be configured to hold more or less objects in memory and also the amount of time an object will be kept in memory. Big caches can improve performance but very bi...
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  • Explanation: options to mitigate messages loss because of network problems

    Background:   When a client loses network connection Openfire may not become aware of this, after all TCP was designed to survive physical connection outtakes, and do not store incoming messages in the Offline s...
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  • Explanation: scalability, system requirements

    As this question pops up in the forums fairly often, i have decided to compile a simple document with an explanation of the issue regarding such questions and also provide here links to various tests made by users (wh...
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  • SSO Configuration

    Configuring Openfire for Use with Kerberos Openfire server supports single sign-on (SSO) authentication through the Generic Security Services API (GSSAPI) and Kerberos. Kerberos is a security protocol in which clients...
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  • Adding or deleting admin accounts to Openfire

    After a standard installation using the xmpp.domain example.com you will have one admin. The admin permissions are stored in the database in the OFPROPERTY table: "admin.authorizedJIDs"="admin@example.com". If you wan...
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  • Openfire on Windows x64 with Java x64

    created exe4j service for Windows x64 and compiled Norman Rasmussen's NTLM dll on x64   By the way you must have 64bit Java installed on you system (this version of  openfire-service.exe didn't use openfi...
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  • Explanation: message synchronization between clients

    Background:   Some systems like Apple's Messages or Google Hangouts support syncing of incoming and outgoing messages between a few connected clients with the same username.   Openfire is a XMPP standards ...
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  • Monitoring : Clearing Chat Archive History

    Hello Everybody,     I would like to know if there is a way to clear or reset the chat archive within the monitoring plugin.  How bout the stats?     You can use the following statements to ...
    Walter Ebeling
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  • Openfire+Spark on Windows Server 2008 R2 with SSO

    This is another document describing how to setup SSO with Openfire and Spark with Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 by Jonathan Murch. He has posted it on one of the threads. I haven't seen it posted as a document yet, so...
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  • Previous Openfire Versions

    Previous versions of Openfire and Wildfire may still be downloaded useing the URL's below. Use of these versions is not suggested, as there may be stability or security problems that have been fixed in newer versions....
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  • How to Setup Authentication Groups with LDAP/AD

    In this example I'll be using the following:   AD domain = AD-DOMAIN.local access group = Openfire Access Group roster groups = _IM Group1, _IM Group2   (*note - I'll be using _IM as part of a wildcard s...
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  • Openfire Server On An Android Device [ No Root Need ]

    This tips says you how to you can run openfire server on your android phone and tablet or any android devices without root permissions on your android device with both ARM and Intel X86 Proccessor Architecture   ...
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  • HowTo Wildcard Certificate & OpenFire (Linux Version)

    So, you´ve got a wildcard Certificate and Openfire says "no way dude"? Here is my HowTo for it. I´ve got my *.domain.com certificate from commodo, so it is possible, that your certificates look a little ...
    Daryl Herzmann
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