• Yahoo able to login successfully but unable chat externally

    Hi We are able to yahoo ID in spark but we are unable to send request externally , this problem we are facing last two month , Now i have upgraded openfire 4.04 after upgraded same issue. i request to you please sugg...
    Varun chauhan
    created by Varun chauhan
  • REST API Plugin not returning the right HTTP Status

    When I execute a GET request for a room that doesn't exist, I get an HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error) back instead of HTTP 404 (Not Found), which would be the correct return code for REST.   My Request: GET htt...
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  • REST API Plugin issues

    Greetings,   I am writing a client on Python, and found these issues:   When "update a chat room" endpoint used, if optional parameters are not specified explicitly, they are reset to default. But, in cont...
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  • Client management: Nick in Group Chat Bookmarks

    There is an optional attribute "nick" in XEP-0048. It is very useful because it is better see "John Doe" instead of "doe.j" in chat room. It would be nice to have ability to point nick then creating "Group Chat Bookm...
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  • I want send a Broadcast to some user, not all user.. please help me

    But I can't find any HTTP API or Plugin do it. I try the Broadcast Plugin and the REST API Plugin.   but all can‘t  send a Broadcast to some user, only send to all of user     I'm not good...
    steven sampson
    created by steven sampson
  • Where can I find Rest API plugin for openfire 3.9.3?

    I'm using openfire 3.9.3 and I can't install Rest API plugin newest version 1.1.1. So, Where can I find Rest API plugin for openfire 3.9.3?
    Luong Vu
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  • REST API -- Clearing 'AllowedIPs' reset after service restart...

    Openfire 3.10.0 on Windows, using external Oracle database and REST API plugin.   If a list of IP Addresses is added to the REST API's AllowedIPs and then saved, a new property 'plugin.restapi.allowedIPs' is cre...
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  • Erro SPARK + Xabber + OpenVPN

    Pessoal,   Alguem utiliza essas três ferramentas em conjunto?   Eu conecto na VPN e depoix no aplicativo Xabber que tem comunicação de protocolo jabber com o meu servidor. Conecto norma...
    created by Alisson
  • Hi. Mumble-like chat rooms in OpenFire

    Hi everyone !   I have a tiny question regarding OpenFire.   I set up a OpenFire server and Jitsi as its client. It's working awesome but I need a feature I can't find in OpenFire:   I want my chat room...
    Alireza Mosajjal
    created by Alireza Mosajjal
  • Jingle plugin bugs/problems

    Updating Openfire to 3.7.1 I ran again into a problem I had the last time updating to 3.7.0 and this is the Jingle plugin. Personally I'd love to have Voice-Chat on my Openfire based Jabber server but I had to disable...
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  • is the admin servlet console able to hold big concurrent requests, like 30k/s

    i'm not quite sure about this question, because the admin console seems to be built as a single user console, my question is: was it design to handle thounds of administration requests? is there any load-balance mecha...
    created by xpu
  • Should login for a plugin access?

    Is there any way to do not use openfire admin login page to access my custom plugin? Just the same as User Service plugin - it allows handle requests without the admin page login.    
    last modified by cherem
  • Feature request for MotD plugin

    Hi all.   I just wanted to put in a feature request for the MotD plugin that only sends the message to users who have not seen the current version of the message.  As an example, perhaps each time the messag...
    created by allie
  • does not show transport

    I have formed several transport, and them of gmail they me do not appear in the list, only me the transport turns out to be striped of msn, since I can do in order that all the transport is seen?
    created by JoelG
  • Email Checker.

      is it possible for openfire to have a plugin to check email, i mean just a simple checker of how many new mail. i believe many company uses LDAP as a way of maintaning user and so is the email system that refe...
    created by mohaja