• Looking for Recording of Vedio & Audio Chats Facility in Redfire

    Hi Dele, We have been able to configure RedFire with Openfire. Audio and video chats works great. We are not able to find out how to record all the audio and video chats. Kindly Let us know how to configure redfire so...
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  • Spark + Red5 catching

    Hello friends,     I am new user OpenFire and am testing it with the Redfire. Open fire in its basic functions are fully functional, chat, send files, conferences, all OK.     Learned of the vide...
    danilo Marques
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  • "Enter...Connected" what to do??

    Hi I am so proud to see something like openfire free for us to use and standing up to microsoft Lync, anyhow, I am facing a brutal issue with redfire, I installed it and got it working but only on two computers, any ...
    Ahmad awad
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  • OpenMeetings integration

    Just came across this: http://code.google.com/p/openmeetings/   Looks like an open source desktop sharing / live meeting app built on flash and Red5   Seems like a natural fit to integrate into the Red5 O...
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  • video call  suspend

    Hi:   My Openfire env like this:   openfire  3.9.3  on  server  centos 6.5   spark 2.6.3 on client win7 / win8   , x86_64   redfire   redfire-370-0.0.06...
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  • Redfire - How to access/limit control?

    I am using the Redfire v. 370-0.0.06 and need apply access control from my users. The idea would be to restrict a maximum of 10 video sessions. The problem is that the default URL is known and easily accessible: http:...
    Kraucer Fernandes Mazuco
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  • Sizing - Red5

    I want to use only the videoconferencing feature Red5. Someone uses an average or large scale? Where can I find information about the infrastructure needed (sizing) to handle a hundred simultaneous connections?
    Kraucer Fernandes Mazuco
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  • want to change RTMP port

    Hi, I want to change the RTMP port 1935. Please guide me
    created by adi.md
  • support Red5 openfire 3.9.3

    All privatbankiers will be supported RED5 Openfire 3.9.3?At the moment once installed,the plugin RED5 will not start and there is no menu item in the settings serverely support in this version will not tell me what is...
    created by Валерий
  • sip in openfire

    hello all i need an article or resource to guide me to integrate my openfire with asterisk  for handle voice over IP
    created by navid
  • problem in installing red5 in openfire 3.7.1

    hello all i am new in openfire . i install openfire 3.7.1 in my ubuntu 12.10 server and it work very well bout now i want add voice chat to my server . i google a lot and find that red5 is a good plugin for this is...
    created by navid
  • Incorret URL

    Hi guys.   I have the openfire-3.8.1 with redfire installed in my server. When I click in the Redfire button in a chat window, its open a new window trying to connect in the server. But, the URL is incorrect. &#...
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  • 7070/redfire error

    I copied the red5.war file in openfie/plugins directory and restarted the openfire server. When i enter http://<ip add>:7070/redfire it gives me error 404: Problem accessing /redfire. Reason: Not Found.   R...
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  • how to install red5 in openfire

    I copied the redfire plugin. to the openfire\plugins. restarted the openfire server but i can't see red5 plugin in the plugins tab.
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  • How to build redfire in Eclipse?

    Hi all, I checked out redfire source and build a Eclipse project, but I do not know how to build the whole redfire. The build instructions for openfire and spark plugin seem invalid for it, the directory structure is ...
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  • screencast.jnlp file is generated, but it generates error opening the file

    have the same problem Desktop screen when I use publisher / viewer, screencast.jnlp file is generated, but it generates error opening the file, what I do is. change the line spec='1.0+' <jnlp codebase='http://im...
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  • redfire rmtfp error

    win7 32 openfire 3.8.2 redfire 0.3.2   I'm following this wiki  to enable cumulus ( https://code.google.com/p/redfire/#How_to_enable_Cumulus ) updated the web.xml & redfire_2way.html restart openfir...
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  • Is the plugin: Redfire (red5) Supports video calls?

    Hi,    1. I want to know if the plugin: Redfire (red5) Supports video calls?  If so then someone can share a picture of how it looks in Spark (or give a link?)   2. I'm going to re-install th...
    created by omrizachay
  • Limited to 24 concurrent calls?

    Openfire 3.8.2 Redfire   I have an embedded widget that makes use of the Flash (Red5+RTMP) method to place a SIP call to my VOIP Gateway. This works *very* well for anything up to 24 concurrent calls. A...
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  • Video URL Incorrect

    On the server side I'm using Openfire 3.8.2 with Redfire on a Ubuntu 12.04 server.  For the client I'm using Spark 2.6.3 with the Redfire 0.0.9 plugin.  When I try to start a video chat session the u...
    created by mgreco