• GSoC - short introduction of alameyo

    Hello everyone , My name is Paweł, I am Electronics & Telecommunications student from Gdańsk, Poland. As hobby in free time I am doing some games journalism, writing reviews or doing iterviews with games developer...
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  • GSoC community introduction of vanitasvitae

    Hi! My name is Paul Schaub (vanitasvitae), I'm a computer science student from Münster, Germany, I'm 23 years old and right now I'm in my 8th semester. I'm very close to getting my bachelors (undergraduate) deg...
    Paul Schaub
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  • Keep users in the group even when they are offline

    Hello Everyone, I recently started using Openfire, it's great. Coming to my problem i created a group and added some users and used a third party client( jabiru) to login now i can see the members of the group when th...
    reenath reddy
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  • Smack: Add support for XMPP Serverless Messaging (XEP-174)

    Hello,   I was browsing through projects and ideas on google melange and I found that particular idea, which I find interesting. I'm new to xmpp and smack, however I found it really interesting and useful, I'm p...
    Tomš Havlas
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  • GSoC 2015 Project Ideas

    Smack: Add support for XMPP Serverless Messaging (XEP-174)  Brief explanation: Since 2009 there exists a patchset which adds serverless messaging (link-local) support to Smack. Unfortunately the patch design is ...
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  • Load Testing BOSH on Openfire

    This document describes required steps to load test BOSH (Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP) on Openfire.   1. Prerequisites1.1. Hardware Environment Although you can use one machine as the server and c...
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  • Summer of Code 2008 Projects

    We're excited to be participating in the Google Summer of Code 2008. Like last year, we are participating as a member of the XSF. The project ideas are detailed below and summaries can be found on the XSF Summer of Co...
    Gaston Dombiak
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