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Jitsi Videobridge with Openfire and WebRTC

Blog Post created by Dele Olajide Champion on Nov 28, 2013

The Jitsi project have just announced that Jitsi Videobridge is now compatible with WebRTC and can be used as a central relaying point for web video conferences (or web+Jitsi). You can check out shot of a first prototype here. A big thank you to Emil Ivov,  Philipp Hancke ( and Lyubomir Marinov ( for making this happen and sharing it with the rest of us


I was keen to see this in action with Openfire as Jitsi Videobridge works fine as an Openfire plugin and it will add the much needed and anticipated video streams forwarding/relaying feature to WebRTC applications as Red5 does to Flash Player. I copied all the required files to my Openfire server, made some minor adjustments for Openfire and as you can see below, it works!!



However it is early days. This is all leading edge code still in development. Jitsi Videobridge as an internal component from an Openfire plugin does not yet work because the bouncycastle library in Openfire needs an upgrade to the latest version that supports DTLS-SRTP. It only worked as an external component. I will try to get this fixed for Openfire 3.9.0 which is currently in alpha.


** UPDATE **


Jitsi Videobridge plugin for Openfire is now available here at with the webrtc-based video conferencing application embedded as a web service. A complete web muti-person video conference solution in one box. You will need Openfire 3.9.0 to try it out.


In the meantime, Claude Stabile has generously made a live version available for us to try at




The first draft of the COnferences with LIght BRIdging (Colibri) XEP that is used to manage video conferences with Jitsi Videobridge is now out. You can find it here. All we need now is a volunteer to setp forward and add it to Smack/aSmack and Spark using the Java bells library




The first version of the Jitsi jitmeet web conferencing application is now out and has replaced the demo web application in the Jitsi Videobridge plugin. It has MUC chat with some other needed features like mute audio/video. Expect some more before Openfire 3.9.0 is released. As usual, you can checkout the latest code in the ignite realtime VCS, build and try it out yourself.


To help those cannot build openfire 3.9.0 from source. Do the following


Grab Openfire 3.9.0 nightly build from here

Download jitsivideobridge.jar file from here





There is now a dedicated ignite space for jitsi-videobridge plugin. Please post any issues, questions and contributions here. I have also posted a blog about the changes I have made to the plugin to support a server-side focus agent.