Smack 3.3.1 is released

Blog Post created by rcollier Champion on Oct 7, 2013

The Ignite Realtime community is happy to announce the latest release of Smack (version 3.3.1).  It is now available for download.  This is a minor release and there have been a few bug fixes, most importantly, the memory leak in the keep alive process and one new feature. This is a partial list of the more important items.


  • [SMACK-441] - Memory leak in KeepAliveManager
  • [SMACK-447] - Compression is not enabled for Java7ZlibInputOutputStream
  • [SMACK-448] - Java7ZlibInputOutputStream does not work. Deflater.DEFAULT_STRATEGY is used as compression level when it should use Deflater.DEFAULT_COMPRESSION
  • [SMACK-450] - VCard.load() throws null pointer exception if there is no VCard for the user
  • [SMACK-455] - Multiple items doesn`t not parse correctly in a pubsub message
  • [SMACK-369] - Exceptions during login should get thrown back up to the caller.


In addition to these, there have been many bugs fixed and a variety of other tasks done, the complete listing can be viewed here.