Dele Olajide

New Monitoring Plugin for Openfire

Blog Post created by Dele Olajide Champion on Dec 2, 2012

The folks at Globility have been very kind to release back to the Ignite Realtime community their improvements to the Openfire monitoring plugin.


They have merged the monitoring plugin with the open archive plugin by Stefan Reuter and have sucessfully combined chat and group chat archiving (from monitoring) as well as XEP-0136 Message Archiving support (from open archive) removing all redundant and duplicated code. The monitoring graphing and statistics pages work just fine as before.


A change to the database schema of the Monitoring plugin was made to support the XEP-0136 spec and auto-upgrade DB scripts have been provided to handle the database upgrade for all the supported DBs as best as possible.




Latest build (1.3.0) of the plugin is attached. Any bugs please file in JIRA against leonroy


I have tested it against the latest version of OfChat (Chrome extension) web client as a drop-in replacement to the open archive plugin for chat history and it works ok.


For more details, see