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Now that WebRTC is now live in Chrome version 23, which is now rolling out to the public, expect some new exciting web applications with audio and video that will change the way we communicate beyond what we have seen so far with Skype and Flash.


The SIP community have already forged ahead with SIP over WebSockets and a number of SIP signaling libraries have started to appear. I am not convinced that employing heavy bloated SIP messages for WebRTC signaling is the best approach, but I am not ready to re-open an ancient debate.


Meanwhile at Ignite-realtime here, If you want to see what you can do with Openfire using the WebSockets and JingleNodes plugins, then take a look at my demo based on the Mobiecents SIP demo  I replaced their SIP JavaScript library with a simpler XMPP Jingle library. I also added support for Jingle Relay Nodes to bridge the media when both peers cannot communicate directly with each other.





To try it out, you would need two PCs with webcams both running latest Chrome version 23+. Use any two unique user names (eg user1 and user2) with no spaces and special characters. From user1, enter contact JID to call as or vice-versa.


For those interested in the source code, it is attached to this blog.

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