Dele Olajide

Jappix, WebSockets, WebRTC and Jingle

Blog Post created by Dele Olajide Champion on Jul 19, 2012

Just posted version 0.4 of the Jappix plugin for Openfire  at


It includes:


  • Jappix Nemesis Alpha 2 [0.9.2~dev]
  • Quercus 4.0.25 PHP Java Engine


It also includes experimental support for:


  • WebSockets (needs Openfire 3.7.2)
  • WebRTC audio only with Jingle (needs Chrome Canary Version 22.0.1210.0)


It is compatible with Jitsi-Jingle  version 0.4 and Candy plugin for Openfire ver 0.4. You can make the following audio calls


  • Personal P2P Jingle voice chats between Jappix and Spark users




  • Group voice chats between, Jappix, Candy, Spark and SIP phones using an MUC




This is very experimental stuff and a few outstanding issues to be fixed to make WebRTC work properly with Jitsi-Jingle. use at your own risk