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The ignite realtime community is happy to announce a plugin for the popular Candy (Chats Are Not Dead Yet) group-chat web client. Candy was developed by Michael Weibel (@weibelm) and Patrick Stadler (@pstadler) on behalf of their employer Amiado Group. It provides group and private chat for collaborative working between teams.


The Candy plugin for Openfire adds audio-conferencing and a telephone voicebridge service to Candy. In practice, it means a user can join a group-chat with voice using their PC mic/speaker or their SIP Phone. If the optional  PSTN/PBX gateway is configured, then an external mobile phone or home telephone can be used. The voice bridge can call the destination or accept an incoming call. The audio bridge is based on the jVoiceBridge project and can handle hundreds of concurrent users across multiple conferences,


The Candy web client has been extended by a voicebridge plugin which activates/deactivates either RTMP Flash or SIP audio-conferencing when user clicks on the  group-chat room/conference tab. Both group-chat and private chats are supported. It uses the XMPP Openlink XEP to handle the telephone messages


For more details read the rest of the overview document at and visit the project web site at

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