Release of Smack 3.2.2

Blog Post created by rcollier Champion on Feb 6, 2012

The latest version of Smack is now available for download.  There have been several bugfixes related to file transfer and minor improvements in this version.


Barring anything being broken specifically by this release, the next version of Smack will be 3.3, there are no plans for a 3.2.3 version.


Here is a list of issues resolved in this release.


  • SMACK-263 -         Set file info in all send* methods
  • SMACK-338 -         IBB filetransfer doesn't work as expected
  • SMACK-346 -         Bug in return code for rejection handling in FileTransferManager
  • SMACK-349 -         Smack's IBB sends too much data in a packet
  • SMACK-350 -         Bytestream is not working in Spark 2.6.3 from XP to W7
  • SMACK-353 -         Thread leak in the FaultTolerantNegotiator
  • SMACK-354 -         Provide milliseconds in timestamp colum debugwindow
  • SMACK-322 -         NPE in XMPPConnection
  • SMACK-324 -         Investigate SASL issue with jabberd2 servers
  • SMACK-348 -         Documentation error - broken link
  • SMACK-362 -         smack throw NoSuchElementException if the muc#roominfo_subject has no values
  • SMACK-343 -         Make Smack jar an OSGi bundle.


NOTE: The documentation links have not been updated yet, but the jar files are available.