Dele Olajide

Jappix MiniChat with Openfire

Blog Post created by Dele Olajide Champion on Jul 23, 2011




I have received a couple of emails about Jappix MiniChat not working properly with Openfire BOSH.  The main issue seems to be that the Openfire BOSH is not handling the reconnection properly as the user browses from page to page.


I'll be surprised if it did as the implementation was a few years ago and the BOSH specification has moved on since. More importantly was that it was designed to work with SparkWeb which was always resident on the web page until the user logged off. In this mode, Openfire BOSH works very well.


A possible solution for using Jappix MiniChat with Openfire is to use this same approach and keep Jappix resident on the web page as the user browses from page to page. My way of doing this is to use a main top page container with the Jappix MiniChat which puts the content web page in an <iframe> tag. I then call JavaScript on the main top page from within the iframe to control Jappix.


Of course, this does not always work especially if the content page promotes itself to be the top main page for security purposes like Goole Mail for example. In practice, I use Jappix MiniChat with my own web applications and even if my web page is hijacked, cross domain security will stop malicious JavaScript controlling my application.


If this solution will work for you, then use the attached HTML file and adapt it to your needs.