Release of Smack 3.2.1

Blog Post created by rcollier Champion on Jul 4, 2011

Since several defects have been fixed, including a rather serious issue dealing with file transfers.   The 3.2.1 version of Smack is released as of July 4th. 


Although more issues were planned for this release, due to number of people having issues with SMACK-338 and the slower than expected resolution rate on the planned issues, the release will go ahead with the 6 issues that have already been resolved.


  • [SMACK-129] - MultiUserChat will Store Messages in its PacketCollector irregardless of whether or not they are being read
  • [SMACK-230] - Disconnect Can Cause Null Pointer Exception
  • [SMACK-273] - Bug in RoomListenerMultiplexor.java
  • [SMACK-324] - Investigate SASL issue with jabberd2 servers
  • [SMACK-329] - XHTMLText uses improper format for br tag
  • [SMACK-338] - IBB filetransfer doesn't work as expected


The rest of the planned issues have been pushed to a 3.2.2 release.


Robin Collier