Walter Ebeling

Release of Spark 2.6.3

Blog Post created by Walter Ebeling Champion on Jun 28, 2011

Dear Community,


due to several issues, we have released a 2.6.3 on July 1st. The following issues were fixed


  • SPARK-1383Login screen shows disabled fields.
  • SPARK-1394 Search in history is not working
  • SPARK-1395 NPE when exiting a chat window with ESC
  • SPARK-1396 Send Broadcast Window doesnt show when not using JTattoo
  • SPARK-1379 Support for XEP-0147 (URI handling)
  • SPARK-1392 Check if Spark is really checking for updates even if that option is turned off


A new Feature was added:

Expand ability to customize spark if you want to build your own branded version 


You can download the release in the download section of the igniterealtime web site.


The Spark development will be reduced until the 4th quarter this year.


There has been a significant demand for help about the packaging of custom editions for Spark. I would like to ask all users who have done custom packages to report their approach in the forum. The project files of the packager (e.g. appdeploy) are really welcome.


Walter Ebeling