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Release of Spark 2.6.2

Blog Post created by Walter Ebeling Champion on Jun 22, 2011

The community is happy to report that Spark 2.6.2 has reached final status. The release contains several bug fixes and new features and enhancements for Spark. It is a hot fix release for a regression bug introduced in 2.6.1. Details can be found in the changelog.


Main features for this release are:

  • OTR (off-the-record) support for encrypted chat between clients
  • New notification mechanism
  • New splash screen
  • Support for animated GIF as avatar
  • Plugin blacklisting
  • Documentation for Spark customizing (lot's of option now)


More than 30 bugs were fixed, including

  • New default look and feel for Mac
  • File transfer is using IBB as fall back for VPN network connections
  • Scroll to end in chat window


The downloads for all supported plattforms can be found in the download section of


Red5 is not included in the release as well as games were not included. These can be found in the forum for those of you interested.


A big "Thank You" to Holger and Wolf who spend numerous hours in writing features and debugging code. And of course to all the users who have reported issues, provided feedback and contributed code.


Walter Ebeling