Dele Olajide

Red5 + Openfire = redfire

Blog Post created by Dele Olajide Champion on Jul 27, 2010

redfire is the future of the Red5 plugin for Openfire.


In an attempt to maintain a single version of Red5phone and keep Openfire (ver 3.7.0) in step with Red5 (ver 0.9.1), I have chosen to embed Openfire inside Red5 instead of the other way round.

I have posted the first version at


This first version is just only Openfire 3.7.0 beta running as a web application in Red5. You acess Openfire web console the same way. http://your_server:9090


I will be adding the improved redfire sparkweb client with latest versions of red5phone, red5screen-share and support for onesocialweb later on.