Guus der Kinderen

Openfire at FISL11!

Blog Post created by Guus der Kinderen Champion on Jul 21, 2010 year, Openfire will be the subject of two lectures given at the eleventh edition of the annual FISL conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Both presentations are scheduled for the last day of the event, Saturday. The lectures will provide a basic introduction to Openfire and Openfire development. They will be presented by yours truly.


If you're interested, I invite you to drop by! I'm pretty sure that Openfire (or even more generic XMPP related) discussions won't stop when the lectures are over. For one, Thiago Camargo, former Openfire developer and author of the new Jingle Relay Nodes enhancement proposal, will be attending as well. I've heard rumors of Openfire-ready implementations, which should be very, very interesting!


I'd love to see you there!