Gaston Dombiak

Clustering plugin for Openfire is now open source

Blog Post created by Gaston Dombiak Champion on Nov 10, 2009

We are happy to announce that the clustering plugin is now available as an open source plugin. The clustering plugin adds support for running multiple redundant Openfire servers together in a cluster.  By running Openfire in a cluster, you can distribute the load amongst a number of servers, as well as having some form of redundancy in the event that one of your servers dies.


By making this functionality open source we now made 100% of the old Enterprise plugin open source. The reason why the clustering plugin came last is that it relies on Oracle Coherence, that is a commercial product, so to make it open source was a little tricky. At the end what we did was to open source our implemented functionality but to use this plugin you will need to get a valid Oracle Coherence license. The readme file explains the steps to follow to install this plugin. Moreover, it also explains how to setup your environment if you plan to develop new versions of the plugin.


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  -- Gato