Guus der Kinderen

New Openfire monitoring plugin

Blog Post created by Guus der Kinderen Champion on Aug 18, 2009 has released a new, free Openfire plugin that allows you to monitor your Openfire instance remotely. The plugin will notify you if your server goes off-line. It also allows you to keep a close eye on a number of important health indicators, such as the usage pattern of the Openfire worker threads, JVM memory usage and garbage collection statistics, JVM thread and Openfire's database connection pool usage.


Unlike most monitoring tools, you don't have to set up a monitoring server yourself for this to work. provides the infrastructure to do the monitoring for you. The probe that's integrated in the Openfire plugin sends statistics to Everything else is handled there. You can view the data from their website, as shown below.

Java-Monitor architecture

To get started, register an account at After you've registered, you'll be able to download a personalized Java-Monitor probe package, which includes an Openfire plugin. Add this plugin to your Openfire installation, and you're done! The plugin will automatically start collecting data. Java-monitor allows you to monitor Openfire from anywhere - all you need is a javascript enabled browser.