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This Sunday, will move to a new server. The time window for moving the site is 12:00pm - 4:00pm (PST), but the expected downtime is fairly short. The server move will let us more rapidly respond to server issues and also to more easily roll out new services.

After Gato made this suggestion in my last blog, I decided to move this request to the top of my to-do list as I also need it for another project I am currently working on.


How does it work?


I am using the Flex Dashboard developed by ESRIA which was donated to the Adobe Developer Connection. Plugins are presented in a pod layout called a View. Each View occupies a Tab in the SparkWeb ChatWindow. You can modify Views by dragging and dropping pods to a different location and minimizing, maximizing, and restoring pod windows. View changes are saved using a LocalSharedObject. View configuration data is loaded from sparkweb/plugins/plugins.xml with values in plugins.xml indicating which swf file to load for a particular pod within each View.



<view id="view0" label="Plugin Demo">
  <pod id="app01" title="User Moods" dataSource="plugins/moods.swf" />
  <pod id="app02" title="User Tunes" dataSource="plugins/usertunes.swf" />
  <pod id="app03" title="Demo" dataSource="plugins/demo.swf" />



SparkWeb will load each pod SWF file and call the method setParentApplication passing it the SparkWeb root Application object. From this object, you can navigate your way to access all other SparkWeb public objects and even add eventhandlers on events like NewMessage for example.


To get a feel of what can be done, I decided to implement the User Tunes and Moods PEP (personal eventing protocol) applications. See Armando Jagucki's blog for more details about PEP in Openfire. The source code to the demo plugins is in the src/plugins folder.


For those interested, the latest version of Red5 Plugin for Openfire can be found at _ Remove comments in plugins.xml to activate the demo.

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